Why do we use TDT ?

Efficiency & Property

  • 50+-2 kg/m3 in density, applicable in area within the range of -60 °C - +80 °C. This is suitable in any climate condition area.
  • Lowest thermal conductivity of 0.023 W/M.K. in comparison with recent all thermal insulation material for air conditioner and obviously economizing electricity in normal work.
  • Covered by Aluminium layer on both sides, thus is completely air-tight sealed.
  • Very Low friction loss, the air characteristics transported in the duct can be maintained at original level.
  • Micro porous structure and uniform combination. Its thickness is 20mm. which result in better soundproof and anti vibration-damping effect.

Effectiveness & Economic

  • Its weight is only 1.46 Kg/m2 (1 Set of hanger of every 3+-5 meter of duct).
  • The manufacture speed can be reached 30m2 -50m2/day/person and the montage speed 15m2 -20m2/day/person. Its construction efficiency is 5-8 times more than traditional duct.
  • Long life-span, short construction period, small investment of equipment, less quantity of workers needed, simple daily maintenance and decrease in long-term investment.
  • It can be revealed as decoration since the surface can be covered with paint.

Environmental & Hygiene

  • Covered by corrosion, acid & alkali – resisting aluminium foil on its both sides thus is harmless; no moulds & bacteria grow on its surface, can be cleaned with water. Therefore sanitation and hygiene are guaranteed.
  • It contains no HCFC, thus exerts no injury to human body and no influence on natural environment in use period. It is can be re-use, therefore is an environmental friendly material.

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